What is Creative Ventures Unlimited

Creative Ventures Unlimited is a company set up by Catrina Vignando to promote the fantastic creative talent in Australia.  This site is the blog and communication channel. It’s how I can communicate with you, showcase great work and feature interviews with amazing people who want to share their creative journey.

But  best of all, this site will have a whole bunch of easy to follow ‘how to’ information about promoting your work. I will be presenting lots of great tips about what is possible with online marketing, how you can do it as part of your creative work, and talking with people who have done some really great stuff to promote themselves and their work. Essentially this site will help you to get your creative talent in line by going online.

More details about me will be posted through this blog, as will articles and presentations I am doing and have done.

About you

If you would like to be featured on this site, have a great story to tell or want to know more about Creative Ventures Unlimited, please drop me a line on vigcat1(at)gmail.com

Other great ways you can stay in touch are by subscribing to the RSS feed on this blog, liking Creative Ventures Unlimited on facebook or following me, catvig, on twitter.

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