Out of the box

Digital Landmarks 2012, Casey Crockford

Digital Landmarks 2012, Casey Crockford

Different ways to present your work

One of the aims of Creative Ventures Unlimited is to assist creatives to promote their work and get their ideas into the public domain. In other words, to help get your work seen and into the hands of those who want it.

To this end I am always interested in projects and ideas where artworks are exhibited in new contexts. The benefit of exhibiting outside the ‘white box’ of the gallery is that you can attract new people to your work. This can  increase the interest in what you do and increase potential sales.

Creative Ventures Unlimited is a platform to share projects that I hope give you great ideas to build on.  We learn so much from each other.  Or as Austin Kleon said in his book Steal like an Artist, ‘Nothing comes from nowhere.  All creative work builds on what came before’.

The project that attracted my attention this time is the Digital Landmarks Project at the National Museum of Australia.  This is a joint project between the Australian National University and the National Museum of Australia which has resulted in an online exhibition hosted through the NMA’s website. As a result there has been huge exposure for the artists to new audiences that otherwise would never see their work.

The interesting out of the box ideas about this project are these:

  • A gallery is not the only place to exhibit your work.
  • There are benefits to placing your work in a different context in order to engage different people with your ideas.
  • The online environment offers great opportunities to present and promote your work.
  • Having an online gallery is an important way to showcase your work. Think about putting some of your catalogues of past work online.

The image in  the banner is by Casey Crockford and is a detail from a work titled Consumed Identity produced in 2012.

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