Ban Facebook!

 managing facebook

Facebook Anonymous, or, how to manage a Facebook addiction.

My new year’s resolution is to ban Facebook! It’s a total time suck that stops you from getting things done.

It’s the start of the New Year and as the summer heat rolls on it’s time to act on those New Year’s resolutions. I decided that my 2013 would be more productive. That means less TV watching and more time to get stuff done.

Interestingly, with less TV, I have become addicted to FB.

I normally use FB socially and for my business, Creative Ventures Unlimited. So it’s not a new toy. What is new is how it has taken the place of my TV habit and is getting in the way of me getting stuff done.

I have gone through the spectrum in my feelings about FB. From ban FB it’s a total time bandit, and who really cares about all that everyday stuff people are writing about any way. All the way to I love reading that everyday stuff, it keeps me in touch with my friends and it’s a way to connect with my community.

Chatting with friends, they have also commented on their love-hate relationship with FB. All of which has prompted this post about how to manage FB addictions. How can you enjoy the benefits of FB and not loose hours in the process? It’s a 5 step process to recovery, a kind of AA for FB addicts.

So if you want to get your FB habit under control and get back to getting things done without missing out on what your friends are doing, I have 5 simple tips to share with you.

1. Give yourself a FB time limit. Set your mobile to remind yourself. It’s surprising how quickly time passes while you are updating your posts or catching up with friends on FB.

2. Decide who you want to catch up with. You don’t have to catch up with everyone each time you are on FB.

3. If you have separate FB pages for your business, try making separate times for your business posts versus your social posts. You can keep your social FB time to those in-between moments, like when you are waiting for your coffee. That way you give yourself more time when you are doing FB for business.

4. If you haven’t got time to make a comment, you can acknowledge comments by ‘liking’ what has been said. That way you follow the discussion.

5. Above all enjoy it. FB can be great fun as well as very useful for your business.

A wise friend said to me that social media is like tending to a garden; you do a little bit every day.

It’s amazing how much you can achieve with this principle. Enjoy your Facebook harvest.

2 thoughts on “Ban Facebook!

  1. I agree wholeheartedly that Facebook in a time sink. By the time you’re finished reading everyone’s posts and replying, an hour or two has completely vanished.

    I turned off my chat to stop people constantly popping up for chats and instead only check FB twice, maybe three times a day depending on what content I’m replying to/discussing. I follow your tip #4 vigorously as it takes a while for me to come with a comment.

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