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Federation Square’s car park in Melbourne has been transformed into a vibrant veggie garden! The pop-up patch, which is a joint initiative with The Little Veggie Patch Co., allows city dwellers the opportunity to get their green thumbs dirty with over 176 DIY veggie pots housed in recycled apple…

Vivid Design

Australian International Design Awards. Applications are now open for the 2013 Australian International Design Awards. Design awards present an opportunity for peer recognition and for getting your designs into a broader arena. They are a way to promote what you are doing and engage people in the ideas that you have been developing. Deciding which … Continue reading

Shrinking brains

Is social media shrinking your brain? How is your concentration lately? Are you able to stay focused on a single task for more than 10 minutes? I find that either due to the open plan work environments, phone interruptions or email requests, such a thing is near on impossible. What’s more, if I do get … Continue reading

Out of the box

Different ways to present your work One of the aims of Creative Ventures Unlimited is to assist creatives to promote their work and get their ideas into the public domain. In other words, to help get your work seen and into the hands of those who want it. To this end I am always interested … Continue reading

Ban Facebook!

Facebook Anonymous, or, how to manage a Facebook addiction. My new year’s resolution is to ban Facebook! It’s a total time suck that stops you from getting things done. It’s the start of the New Year and as the summer heat rolls on it’s time to act on those New Year’s resolutions. I decided that my … Continue reading

Web Splash Pages

Hi there, and welcome to my second post in CV Unlimited. I was so inspired when I read this review about web splash pages, that I thought it was worth saying something about them. One of the trickiest things for artists and creatives is to get themselves and their work out for the world to … Continue reading

A new start

This is the beginning of Creative Ventures Unlimited. We are really excited to be in the blogger sphere and meet you in our travels. We plan to share our learnings in promoting and supporting the exciting developments in the creative industries. We are really looking forward to bringing you more amazing news and information about … Continue reading